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  • Wonderland

    weGrow creates strategies that advise businesses in all areas of international growth such as market selection & validation, finding local product market fit, creating go-to-market strategies, roll-out & execution in target markets, finding local talents, and more. With experts around the world, weGrow offers personalised consulting and access to networks for scale-ups to achieve success.


    “The “Eiffel Tower” strategy we developed together with weGrow worked out great! We are now collaborating with leading brands within the high end fashion industry. The results speak for themselves: 298% YoY growth in net revenue.”

    Natascha Chamuleau - Chief Advertising Officer | WeTransfer

    “weGrow helped us with our international market research. They were fast, flexible and delivered high-quality results that helped secure our funding for international growth. I can recommend weGrow to any startup that wants to get to the next level.”

    Sven van der Biezen - CEO | Floryn
  • Wonderland

    The Globaliser
    The Globaliser is the internationalisation readiness programme. This 10-week programme is designed to equip scale-ups with everything they need for international growth. With coaching, network and validation, startups get the confidence to channel their precious resources into unfamiliar territories with conviction.


    “The Globaliser programme gave us new and important insights to make the next step, which resulted in a new view on the potential markets on our internationalisation list. We now have a foundation and with the provided tools, we can continue building and improving our internationalisation plans with more confidence.”

    Daan Meboer - Founder | UTURN

    “The Globaliser helps startups understand their own capabilities and needs whilst quantifying the international market opportunities and fit.”

    Kiran Gange - Founder | RapidPricer
  • Wonderland Rise Programme
    Scaling is hard, but you are not alone. With Rise we empower a group of up to 15 scaleups every quarter in a 6 week growth program. Learn from alumni, peers and coaches in 5 scale sessions, with topics like: Going international! with Adyen’s Pieter van der Does as coach & Operations that scale with’s Jitse Groen.


    “You need to do your homework first, but if you know what you need, the Rise programme is the best thing that could ever happen to your business.”

    Rick Schmitz - Founder & CEO | LTO Network

    “The diversity of participants and experiences was what held the most value in the programme for me. Everyone runs into different things in their own space, but you can dilute them down to the same pure issues.”

    Merel Boers - Co-founder & CEO | Nico.lab
  • Wonderland
    Internationalisation Canvas
    Scaling your company internationally is a tough, risky and expensive endeavour. The DutchBasecamp Internationalisation Canvas is developed to help you save time, money and energy in this challenging process. Find out which factors you can consider to build your international growth strategy.

    “One of the main learnings is that the metrics in our budget will be very dynamic so we should keep it simple to manage. Especially if you go international! Based on the work we did we have now launched in France and Germany.”

    Joost Brugmans - Founder | Orderchamp

    “Thanks to this, the overwhelming goal of entering a new country was narrowed down to easy to follow steps.”

    Melissa Wijngaarden - Founder | Project CeCe
  • Wonderland

    How the Dutch government can help you

    The Dutch government has internationalization programs and subsidies that can help you with your internationalization:

    * Starters International Business (SIB) Vouchers

    * Business Partner Scans, executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

    * Subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation projects (DHI)

    * Partners International Business programs (PIB)