A Booming Startup Ecosystem - La French Tech (2017)

From high-speed trains to luxury goods to vaccines, France has a longstanding reputation for creativity and innovation. The French are early and strong adopters of new technologies, and today they are strongly committed to the new digital age.

Recent years have witnessed a growing trend – the majority of young French people now aspire to be entrepreneurs.

They have been inspired by a generation of successful entrepreneurs who have propelled the French Tech ecosystem forward.

The entire French economy is now following suit, and regulations are being adapted to stay in step with the new reality. As an example, in terms of cost, time and red tape, it is now much easier to start a business in France than in any other G20 country.

This innovative spirit is embodied by pioneering startups with disruptive business models. Global successes like Criteo, BlaBlaCar, and DBV Technologies have paved the way for a long list of promising startups who are on the verge of becoming tomorrow’s international market leaders.

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